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An Air Source Monobloc system in a village new build

Location: near Stamford
Property Size: 200 m2
System Type: Air Source Heat Pump - monobloc system
System Size: 14 kW
Heat emitters: Underfloor heating throughout

Extra features: MVHR & Rainwater Harvesting

Our clients were keen to make their new home as eco-conscious and energy efficient as possible.  Due to various practical considerations, they preferred an air source heat pump. The heat load was relatively small for the size of the house as extra insulation (over and above current building regulations) was used wherever possible. This made the specification of a Samsung 14 kW unit straightforward on the single phase electricity supply.

Due to aesthetic considerations, the air source heat pump unit was sited a little way from the house with a pre-insulated pipe buried in the ground to carry the heat back inside. Although the designed heat loss for the building was calculated to be 8.9 kW to ensure that there would always be sufficient capacity at lower outdoor temperatures a 14kW heat pump was specified.

The result is ease of living with high comfort levels in a visually stunning environment. Utility bills (including water) are considerably reduced and maintenance costs are minimal.

The 300 lit

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