Period Cottage

Location:              Near Stamford

Property Size:      102 m2

System Type:       Air Source Heat Pump indoor unit with integral hot water cylinder

System Size:        12 kW

Heat emitters:     Fan assisted and conventional radiators

The current owners of this charming home have extended and restored it to an impressively high standard whilst managing to keep close to it’s original feel. It is a typical vernacular cottage one and a half storeys high, with a 1970’s extension to the rear. There has also been a more recent, well-insulated (timber framed) extension above the rear 1970’s section.

Until recently the cottage had been heated by a combination of electric storage heaters and wood burning stoves. However, concerned about living in the house in their advancing years, for ease of use and comfort the owners decided to update this with a more efficient and sustainable whole house heating system.

Air source heat pumps can be designed for almost any house and with the Government’s RHI grant scheme, there is a compelling case. The Government’s RHI Scheme is paying them quarterly for the next 7 years, which offsets the initial cost of the installation.


Orangehouse specified a Nibe F2040 12 kW heat pump with a Nibe VVM 320 indoor unit that contains the hot water cylinder, buffer tank, and controls in a smart indoor module and ideal where plant room space is limited. 

The compact indoor unit which contains the 180 litre hot water cylinder and a buffer tank has been sited in the ground floor bathroom. This is the size of a fridge/freezer and houses the SMO 20 intelligent controller to manage operating times and temperatures.

With a flow temperature of 50oC a combination of conventional and Jaga fan assisted radiators were installed. These ensure a comfortable room temperature while minimising the amount of wall space required - always at a premium in a cottage! 


The owners are now toasty warm and reassured by the lower fuel bills. They are anticipating an easier life and enjoying their retirement.


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