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The recently announced Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is a new Government grant designed to encourage installation of low carbon heating systems. Available from 2022 until 2025, the new initiative replaces the previous Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme which ended on the 31st March 2022.

The BUS offers home owners and private landlords a £5,000 voucher towards the installation of an air source heat pump, or a £6,000 voucher towards the installation of a ground or water source heat pump. 

The BUS is available for systems commissioned after 1st April but won't be open for grant applications and payments until 23rd May 2022.

To be eligible for the BUS you must:

  • Find an MCS certified installer in your area (such as OHR)

  • The chosen MCS installer will apply for the grant on behalf of the customer (from 23rd May)

  • The government grant will then be deducted from the quote provided

  • When you are contacted by Ofgem (the scheme administrator) please be sure to confirm that your chosen installer (such as OHR) is acting on your behalf

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