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Homebuilding & Renovation Show

Did you see us at the NEC?

This was our first ever show, but we doubt it will be our last! We had a fantastic time at the show and were continually inundated with people keen to know more about renewable technologies and how they can be used in their own home.

Because we install all of the renewable heating technologies (Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal and Biomass) people were pleased to be given unbiased opinions as to which technology would be most suitable for their property. Many people were confused by the fact that Air Source only installers they had spoken to been insisting that air source was most suitable whilst biomass installers would insist that a biomass boiler was definitely the best. Every project is different and there isn't a single renewable technology that is always suitable for everything. Hopefully we managed to correct a few misconceptions and give honest opinions that have steered people down the right path.

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