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Maintenance matters

The winter season is a busy time of year for us at Orangehouse, with the annual servicing visits in addition to our usual installations. A good service optimises the heat pump system to function smoothly and efficiently in the colder weather. They can also catch any minor issues which may have arisen over the year - so preventing system breakdowns at those crucial moments!

At an annual service inspection our engineers will perform various checks and cleaning functions including filters, condenser and fan blades, noise and vibration levels, safety controls etc. For ground source heat pumps we also take a sample of the glycol mixture from the heat collector, which we send away to be tested for potential contamination and performance integrity. These factors not only affect the efficiency of the heat transfer from your ground, but also the overall functioning of the system. For our own installations this is fairly straightforward, and enables us to monitor and optimise the performance of our systems. Generally speaking, we do endeavour to service systems which have been installed by other companies. However at times, this can prove difficult! See below for a few classic examples - all from the same site.....

This photo shows a quarter-turn isolator (wing nut) positioned too close to the wall for access by our engineers.

This Y-strainer/filter (opposite side of pipe, near wall) which needs to be checked each service, cannot be accessed without knocking the wall down!

This unit is looking quite green.....

(Please note the above cases are not Orangehouse installations!)

We offer service contracts as part of our handover packs. One of the conditions of the RHI Scheme, is that claimants have to follow the manufacturers' recommendations for servicing for the duration of the scheme, which is generally on an annual basis.

As part of the bigger picture of excellence and best practice, the importance of regular servicing is clear. It is also an essential part of our preventative approach to keeping heating systems running smoothly, saving grief all round!

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