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Alternatives to oil price uncertainty.......

This is the highest capacity Nibe air source heat pump (16kW) installed recently at the rear of a large family home.

As another winter season approaches, our thoughts inevitably turn to heating our homes and the ever increasing cost of this. Although gas and electricity prices have been fairly stable for a while now (falling approximately 2% each year from 2013-2015) oil prices albeit low, are typically volatile. The current scenario, which sees steadlly rising prices both at the garage forecourt and in our oil tanks, seems to be subject to almost random influences. Factors such as a strategic energy partnership between Russia and the Saudis which may limit oil output in the future, and oscillating production costs in smaller oil fields such as the North Sea and US shale oil production only reinforce this. So whilst those of you whose homes are heated by an oil boiler, may breathe a sigh of relief at the moment - it could be short lived!

This is where air and ground source heat pumps come into their own - not just in terms of the stability of their running costs, but also in fuel efficiency. We have been installing quite a few Nibe air source heat pumps recently, as an alternative to oil for our off-grid clients. These have a relatively low capital outlay cost (especially after the RHI government grant is factored in), high performance efficiencies, and come with a seven year warranty. They also look pretty sleek and are almost silent running - in short we like them!

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