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Bright Green Energy Show - Stamford

As a renewable energy company we take sustainability very seriously, and so are delighted to be participating in an exciting exhibition scheduled for the beginning of next month at Stamford Arts Centre.

Bright Green Energy Show 2016

The Gallery: Stamford Arts Centre

Monday 7th March – Saturday 12th March

Admission Free to all Events

This first Bright Green Energy Show will combine an exhibition with evening events, exploring a range of topics from Passivhaus building standards, energy saving measures and various renewable technologies including talks, films and technology demonstrations. For those of you who are interested in environmental issues, this should prove an educating and stimulating forum.

Orangehouse Renewables will be focussing on heat pumps - so do come along and ask us how to get heat from the ground!

For more details of the event please contact Stamford Arts Centre.

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