Summer servicing

It may be the silly season in politics, but for our heat pump clients it is the opportunity to have their systems serviced in preparation for the winter (we've already had a Christmas flier from the local pub!) Orangehouse have a varied service portfolio - ranging from maintaining our own installations to others with a miscellany of alternative heat pumps.

As well as ensuring reliability and keeping operating costs to a minimum, an annual service is required for claimants of the Government's RHI Scheme. Usually we would expect our engineer to take 2-3 hours to complete this, but occasionally it can take longer.....

Sometimes we find all sorts of treasures awaiting us. A mouse family enjoyed a warm winter in this heat pump!

Impressively clogged fins.......... reduce the air flow to the heat pump, putting extra strain on the fan, and increasing your running costs at the very least!

All cleaned up and ready to go!

Please contact our office on 01780 490095 if you are interested in booking a service for your heat pump.

(Please note; the systems shown in the photos are not our installations but we have inherited them.)

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