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A Happy New Year for 2018

The early days of January are typically grey and damp, and so far 2018 is looking true to form.....

Gardening seems to be the flavour of the moment for the Orangehouse team who are ever more versatile.

At a new installation locally, an earth bank has been excavated in order to hang a Nibe air source heat pump on the wall. This is an unconventional place to site an ASHP but it works perfectly well as the air flow is unrestricted and the condensate able to drain away.

At another site where our team has been tasked with sorting out a third party installation, our engineers have had to cut back a hedgerow in order to replace a copper pipe. The lads were delighted when our client baked them a chocolate cake as a thank you gesture. We do work with some nice people!

Thankfully we had relatively few callouts over the Christmas break - heat pump systems were behaving themselves. However if your heat pump is not performing optimally, it may well be due a service - this one had electrical issues!

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