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Reasons to Be Cheerful in a Heatwave

One - Bargain priced hot water from your air source heat pump!

Two - The ground is super charging with solar energy for next winter.

Three - Floor screed dries very quickly if you are installing underfloor heating.

At the moment the weather is perfect for water source installations..... Here is our most recent one in an ex-gravel pit near Peterborough. This shows the trench to take the heat collector pipe filled with heat transfer fluid up to the manifold chamber (pipe junction box) near the house.

A digger was used to excavate the trench for the pipework connecting the water source to the heat pump located in the plant room.

Here are the Orangehouse team preparing the heat collecting pipe into 3 separate loop systems (slinkies) to be launched into the water. Mason (our newest apprentice) is holding the buoy which will be used to mark the location of ropes in the water.

As shown in the "Playmobil" world above, a closed loop water source system simply transfers the heat from the water via the transfer fluid and heat pump, into your space heating and hot water system. Water has a notably high specific heat capacity, which enables it to store more energy than the equivalent volume of many other materials. This lends itself well to a system extracting heat as it provides a vast and accessible resource. Obviously the design calculations need to take into account the safety limits, heat source available and other constraints so that ambient water temperature is maintained.

Water source installations achieve the best of both worlds in heat pump-land. You combine the higher efficiency and greater longevity of a ground source system with the lower installation cost of an air source. As a bonus, they also qualify for the Government's RHI Scheme which significantly subsidises the cost of the installation.

Do get in touch with us if you have a pond or lake and would like to mine it for heat energy!

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